About Lindsey

With 14 years of teaching experience, Lindsey’s education includes Stott Pilates, a 200 hour yoga certification and Barre3. She believes that functional fitness is achieved through a balance of strength and flexibility, and teaches with a continued focus on the importance of core strength, muscular connection and stability through the spine and pelvis.

Growing up as a dancer, Lindsey developed a love of movement early on. Having also grown up with scoliosis and experiencing a severe spine injury as an adult, she has drawn on her extensive yoga and Pilates training to rehabilitate her own body and halt any progression in her symptoms. She views her firsthand experience as an effective tool in helping her clients prevent and rehabilitate injuries. She specializes in conditions of the spine, including scoliosis, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, disc injuries, SI joint dysfunction and chronic low back pain, and is currently deepening her specialty through focused Scolio-Pilates training.

Learn techniques that incorporate yoga, Pilates, targeted stretching and myofascial release.
Improve core strength, balance, flexibility and overall stability.
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