Are you thinking of working with Lindsey? Possibly feeling intimidated by her beauty and strength ? Well, she is both … but also gentle, modest, educated and full of alternative ideas for working with anyone’s limitations. Lindsey might use adorable terminology like “ Barbie toes “ and wow you with a surprise offering of an essential oil at the end of a session  …  Her playlist of music is soulful and helps you to forget you are actually exercising … in case you want to imagine you’re in a hammock somewhere instead of nourishing your muscles and straightening your body alignment. I could go on, but my advice for you, is to go for it. I only had the good fortune to have her as an instructor for a short time before the mountains called her away … she’ll help you feel strong … she’ll brighten your days … you’re welcome. – A former student that misses her all the time … – Ellen A.

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